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Welcome to envy-n-xstasy.com. Some of you may know me from myspace while some may be members of my yahoo group. However you may have found me I'm glad you did and I hope you enjoy this site I put together for you.

I started modeling in late 2004. I wasn't exactly sure of what type of modeling I wanted to do but as soon as I started shooting with photographers I knew I loved taking pictures. It was in 2005 that I started working towards getting my own website. And now here I am with my brand new site that offers even more.

As a model I have a variety of interests. Print work, promotional modeling, music video work, and acting are a few of those interests. Having my own personal site gives me the opportunity to express myself with themed photoshoots. I always have so many ideas. With the suggestions of a few fans of my last site I've made some changes. My new site offers more pictures of my legs and feet. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them. See you on the member's side!

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